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Sabbat + Gruesome

7. Juli 2024

Great Britain has VENOM. Sweden has BATHORY. Japan has SABBAT! The band formed by Gezol in 1984 is without a doubt most important Japanese band when it comes to traditional Black Metal. Except that, with more than 220 (!) official releases in their discography, they’re also one of the most hard working bands in Metal in general.
To celebrate 40th Anniversary, in 2024 SABBAT will embark on European tour, on which they will be joined by American Death Metal heroes GRUESOME. As the act features musicians known from such acts as EXHUMED, POSSESSED, MALEVOLENT CREATION or DERKETA, GRUESOME is often labeled as “Death Metal all-star band”.

Friedrich-Karl-Str. 63
Oberhausen, 46045

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