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Servants Of Chaos Festival Tag 2

19. Oktober 2024

On October 18th and 19th this year, the inaugural DMP label festival will take place at Resonanzwerk in Oberhausen, Germany. The Servants Of Chaos festival, a collaborative effort with Parasite Gallows Booking, promises to be a landmark occasion.
:: Bands confirmed ::
Their appearance at our festival is an exclusive show in Germany for 2024!
We are honored to present this iconic Norwegian group as a special guest. From timeless second-wave classics like „Kronet Til Konge“ to the progressive mastery of recent magnum opus, „Black Medium Current“, DHG crafts profound and enigmatic Art, epitomizing the revolutionary essence of Black Metal – „Black Medium Current“ was also rightfully DMP chief Void’s favorite album of 2023!
THROANE’s live performances are rare and exceptional events, and promise an unparalleled audio/visual experience.
MÜTTERLEIN will present, for the first time, a brand new set based on her forthcoming album!
Their performance at the Servants Of Chaos festival will be the band’s momentous debut on German soil and their first venture outside Spain/Portugal.
Marion, Dehn Sora and guests will perform an exclusive set at Servants Of Chaos 2024, which will be the band’s only live appearance. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity.
Tickets for this exclusive two-day festival may be purchased through our EU store. By buying both the festival ticket and the shirt you’ll get a 20% discount on the shirt. The shirt will be picked up at the festival site.
Join us in commemorating over two decades of DMP’s legacy, and stay tuned for further exciting festival updates!

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