The Last Resort + The Take

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The Last Resort + The Take

1. Mai 2024

Achtung!! EARLY SHOW!!! Einlass bereits ab 17 Uhr!!
The Last Resort is a British Oi! band, established in 1980, Herne Bay, Kent, England and named after the famous East London skinhead shop. Their debut album, A Way Of Life – Skinhead Anthems, is one of the genre’s true classics. They’ve split and reformed a couple of times, with the usual line-up changes, but are now sounding better than ever.
NYC’s power trio, The Take, blends elements of punk, oi, hardcore and rock & roll into a unique and refreshing sound. The band was founded by famed New York hard core drummer Will Shepler (Agnostic Front, Madball) and vocalist Scott Roberts (Biohazard, Spudmonsters, Bloodclot!) and is rounded out by the recent addition of bassist Eric Klinger (Spudmonsters, Bloodclot!, Built Upon Frustration).

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