Darvaza + Deathless Void + Ultima Necat

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Darvaza + Deathless Void + Ultima Necat

14. Juni 2024

Tickets – Katharsis Shop: https://t.ly/3jmEm ❖
No gimmicks, no bullshit; pure Black Metal Devotion.
Hailing from Amsterdam, Deathless Void are yet another name to keep your eye on as they progress through the ever-fertile Dutch underground. While the band’s mysterious spirit is undoubtedly rooted through the sacred pillars of death and black metal, Deathless Void pushes the boundaries of the genre drenching a multitude of evil, razor-sharp riffs in a mortiferous haze of psychedelic chaos and percussive madness.
Friedrich-Karl-Str. 63
Oberhausen, 46045

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